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What is a Medical Billing Advocate?

You are here because you need an expert to appeal an insurance claim denial, an explanation of your coverage options, or bring order to the mound of neglected medical bills, collection notices and insurance paperwork hanging over your head.  Whether the task is writing a complicated claim appeal, deciphering your coverage, safeguarding coverage, dealing with difficult insurance company personnel, negotiating a bill or managing medical paperwork, JFC Medical Billing Advocates gives you professional, affordable services. Fees are determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the type of service needed, the complexity of the problem, and the likelihood of success.

Jean F. Cook - Experienced Benefit Manager

Jean Cook has more than 30 years of experience in both the public and private sector as a Benefits Manager. She has been assisting employees with a wide variety of medical billing issues throughout her 30 plus years of service. She has successfully completed multiple appeals resulting in  thousands of dollars of additional coverage as well as disputing claims saving clients tens of thousands of dollars.

Services We Offer

For the Patient:

  • We coordinate all medical bills and Explanation of Benefits forms.
  • We correspond with insurance companies and doctors on your behalf.
  • We figure out what you owe to your hospital, pharmacist, clinicians, and other doctors.

For The Patient's Family:

  • We relieve you of the frustration and confusion caused by your having to cope with a family member's medical insurance claims.
  • We do all the paperwork and follow-through, freeing up your valuable time, and putting your mind at ease.

For Estate/Trust Officers and Attorneys

  • We act as your in-house benefits consultant, working behind the scenes to help you accomplish a necessary, often complicated task.

Our Services are Simple and Easy to Use

We come to you for consultations and appointments.

What can JFC Medical Billing Advocates do for you?

  • Review general insurance payments for denied or misbilled services
  • File medical/mental health claims to insurance for those patients who utilize out of network providers that do not bill insurance
  • Work with collection companies on medical bills
  • Work with physicians and hospitals when additional information is needed to solve claim issues
  • Assist with COBRA claim problems
  • Help with Medicare Secondary Payer claim denials
  • File claims to Long Term Health Insurance


Jim -Arlington Heights, IL

"Outstanding service! Jean helped me to resolve outstanding claims for my mother saving me money, time and headaches!"

JT- Hoffman Estates, IL

"Jean helped me to determine the actual amount owed on several claims saving me hundreds of dollars"

Carol -Prairie Grove, IL

"With a service that is responsive, communicative, and involved, you can't go wrong with this team."


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